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It's Halloween Month! (Week 3)

I'm late again! Gah! But I've got some good recommended Halloween picture books and similar reads for you. To capture the trick-or-treat spirit, you just can't beat the illustrations in Halloween is Coming! by Cal Everett and Lenny Wen. This rhyming jaunt is a joy to read aloud!

Want a slightly darker Halloween tale that still has a sweet (not scary) ending? Creep along with a boy in bones On a Windy Night by Nancy Raines Day. This one's fun to read aloud, too, and we love exploring the shadows, woods and sky in the haunting illustrations. Sends a shiver up me spine!

Next up, it's not Halloween at our house without this all-time favorite (and classic), Scary, Scary Halloween by Eve Bunting and Jan Brett. If you haven't crept along these pages yet, you should! It's another wonderful celebration of children's joy of haunting in costume and mask, with a cute critterly twist at the end. Always fun to read aloud!

All right, who doesn't need monster produce in their haunted holiday? Get scary with some frightful root veggies in Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown. If you like the carrots, you can frightful with your undies, too, in another book by this dynamic duo, Creepy Pair of Underwear!

How about a fall-flavored book next? I love spooky season, but I love the soft and whimsical side of autumn, too, like in Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson and Tiphanie Beeke. Every season has something to learn and enjoy ...

Did you know there is only one rule in Fright Club by Ethan Long? You MUST be scary. SThis wonderfully illustrated tale explores what happens when some not-so-scary critters want to join Operation Kiddie Scare. Once again, the kids and I just love diving into the art. (It's not really modeled on Fight Club though, so don't expect them to take down the credit card companies or anything ... )

Finally, who doesn't want to shake a leg bone or oogie boogie and sing along with the ghastliest of monsters mashing? Halloween enthusiasts have produced several hair-raising original songs and spooky spins on traditional tunes for you to enjoy ...

Stay tuned for the last week of Halloween picture book recommendations! You can also check out a big ole list of favorite Halloween and fall reads for all ages in a blog post from last year.

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