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Christina Dendy is an American author with a wide range of experience in the K-12 educational market, particularly in the social sciences. She also has published poems, short stories, opinion pieces and other curious items now and again. She loves just about anything that involves exploration, on or off the printed page, and regularly tumbles down rabbit holes of one sort or another. Christina meanders about Dayton, Ohio, in the United States with her tallish hobbit husband, three impish children and two finicky furry friends. They can't wait to visit the Redwoods and the world's largest organism, 
armillaria ostoyae, in Malheur National Forest. The Wall and the Wild (from 
Lantana Publishing) with Katie Rewse (illustrator) is her debut picture book. You can learn more about her educational publishing work, background, idiosyncrasies and other musings by clicking around the site.

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