Helpful, Fun and Interesting Links

I spend a lot of time exploring myriad subjects and interests online. Click one of the categories below to find helpful, fun and interesting links to explore:

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Kid Lit for Kids (and Gatekeepers)

Virtual storytimes, read-alouds, and author/illustrator websites

Kid Lit for Writers

Resources for aspiring authors

Virtual Tours and Explorations

Digital visits to museums, national parks, global landmarks, and more

Educational Activities and Games

Digital or downloadable activities, games and ideas related to K-12 subjects

References and Other Educational Resources

Kid and adult reference tools, from primary sources to libraries to encyclopedias and more

Physical Activity

Ideas to keep kids and adults alike moving, indoors and outdoors

Random Fun Stuff

Mostly games, music, and other rabbit holes that don't fit one of the above categories

Ana's Favorite Things

Gardens and walls and wilderness, oh my!