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Other Publications

I have authored and published texts across a variety of genres, including the following:

  • the picture books The Wall and the Wild and Hide and Shh!

  • Historical graphic novels (text only)

  • EBSCO document resources

  • Magazine/newspaper articles

  • Poetry and short fiction

Drawing of Hedgehog

Bringing Home the Constitution. 
Weigl Educational Publishers Limited.


The Northwest Resistance. (2012).
Weigl Educational Publishers Limited.

The Northwest Resistance. 
Weigl Educational Publishers Limited.



The Underground Railroad.
Weigl Educational Publishers Limited.


Historical Graphic Novels

Magazine/Newspaper Articles

  • “No Means No.” (December 2016). Natural Mother Magazine.

  • “Guest Column: National School Lunch Program and the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.” (28 June 2010). Dayton Daily News.


Salem Press Online Biographies, Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson) (2022)

  • “Fannie Emanuel”

  • “Ada S. McKinley”


Literary Biographies, Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson) (2020)

  • "Franny Choi"

  • "Lee Francis IV"

  • "Yoshida Kenkō"

  • "Gabby Rivera"

Salem Press Online Biographies, Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson) (2015)

  • “Edvard Moser” 

  • “May-Britt Moser” 

  • “John O’Keefe” 

  • “Jean Tirole” 


Primary Source Analyses

Defining Documents (2015)

  • “Analysis War Department Cable Refusing to Bomb Deportation Railways”

  • “Analysis US State Department receives information from Switzerland regarding the Nazi plan to murder the Jews of Europe”

  • “Analysis Thomas T Handy Memo on Refugee Rescue”

  • “Analysis Rosenheim Letter Requesting Bombing of Deportation Rail Lines”

  • “Analysis January 1943 Telegram Confirming Reports of Mass Executions of Jews in Poland”

  • “Analysis Executive Order 9547”

  • “Analysis Declaration of Atomic Bomb by President Truman and Prime Ministers Attlee and King”

  • “Analysis Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide”

  • “Analysis Cable from London to Rabbi Stephen Wise regarding the Final Solution”


Encyclopedia Articles

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (2011)

  • “Abelisaurus”

  • “Bactrosaurus” 

  • “Chasmosaurus” 

  • “Corythosaurus” 

  • “Datousaurus” 

  • “Edmontonia” 

  • “Euhelophus” 

  • “Euoplocephalus” 

  • “Heterodontosaurus” 

  • “Parasaurolophus” 

  • “Staurikosaurus” 

  • “Styracosaurus” 


World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras (2011)​

  • “Overview of Religion & Mythology in Ancient Egypt”

  • “Overview of Religion in Ancient Europe” 

  • “Overview of the Afar People” 

  • “Overview of the Angles” 

  • “Overview of the Anglo-Saxons” 

  • “Overview of the Ashanti People” 

  • “Overview of the Caral Supe Civilization” 

  • “Overview of the Celts of Ancient Europe” 

  • “Overview of the Dinka People” 

  • “Overview of the Dyula People” 

  • “Overview of the Kassites” 

  • “Overview of the Kushan Empire” 

  • “Overview of the Lamar Culture” 

  • “Overview of the Scythians” 

  • “Overview of the Slave Trade in Ancient Africa” 

  • “Overview of Women in Ancient Egypt” 

  • “Overview of Women in Ancient Europe” 

Literary Analyses

Poetry & Short Story Reference Center (2019)

  • “The Amigo Brothers, by Piri Thomas”

  • “Games at Twilight, by Anita Desai”

  • “Hamadi, by Naomi Shihab Nye”

  • “Jeremiah’s Song, by Walter Dean Myers”

Literary Reviews

Magill’s Literary Annual 2015, Vol. 2 (2015)

  • “2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas, by Marie-Helene Bertino” 

  • “Mr. Bones: Twenty Stories, by Paul Theroux”

  • “Andrew’s Brain, by E. L. Doctorow”

EBSCO Document Resources

Poetry and Fiction

  • “Laws of (Child) Motion,” Tiny Moments, Vol. III, June 2024

  • “Carousel,” Flights Literary Magazine, Aug. 2016

  • “Night Commute,” “Waking Rites,” and “Mirror," Flights Literary Magazine, Aug. 2015

  • “English Lessons,” Antioch Voice, Summer 2015

  • “A Word, Please,” Literary Orphans, Nov. 2014, Issue 2016

  • “Anecdotal,” Down in the Dirt, Sept. 2014 (online), March/April 2015 (print)

  • “For Us,” Mock Turtle, Issue 8, Winter 2013

  • “Cold Snap,” Flights, 2013

  • “Self Amends,” Flights, 2013

  • “Lucky Mud,” Mock Turtle, Issue 5, Spring 2012

  • “Wagon Wheel Tracks,” Virginia Writing, 1994

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