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Educational Resources

As a K-12 content and curriculum writer, I sift through and use many different online resources related to various fields of study and educational tasks. I thought some of you might find a few of them useful, too. I had planned to lead with general references, but given the prevalence of digital media in our lives , I decided to start there. Please take a few moments to view the media literacy video below, and when you have time, browse some of the resources. We, including our children, are more connected than ever before, with greater access to ideas and information and one another than ever before. That can be a wonderful thing. It can also be challenging and overwhelming to navigate. Resources for language arts, social studies, science, health and more follow.

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>> Media Literacy 

>> General References

>> English Language Arts

>> Primary Sources

>> Social Studies

>> Science and Health

>> Cross-Curricular Resources

>> Sensory Learning

General References

These are free references. Many other online dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference sites are available by subscription.

CrashCourse in Study Skills

Merriam Webster Word Central

Ducksters Education Site



Online Etymology Dictionary

Purdue Online Writing Lab



Cross-Curricular Resources

These links provide a variety of resources. Some of subject-specific links from these resources appear above.

Crash Course

DK Find Out Guided Lessons

Fact Monster

Khan Academy


EDSITEment's Teachers' Guides (by content area)

National Geographic Education Resources

Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections

Wonderopolis (I just found this and can't wait to explore!)

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