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Favorite Halloween and Fall Books

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

'Tis the season to get spooky! Okay, so fall and particularly Halloween month, yes, month, are my favorite times of year. For fantabulously haunted, creepy fun, I started posting a book or two or five a day under the hashtag #favoritehalloweenbooks on Twitter and my personal FB account, and I'll keep a running list here, too. I'll add the new books each day up through Halloween. I hope you enjoy these largely kid lit titles as much as I do! Most are specific to Halloween but some are more generally Halloween-moodish or celebrate the colors and flavors of autumn. I'm going based on how the books are shelved but clearly I read across age levels and so can you. I fully expected most young adults to be browsing the adult reads.

So, categorized, but in no particular order ...

>> Jump to board books.

>> Jump to picture books.

>> Jump to graphic readers and novels.

>> Jump to middle grade.

>> Jump to young adult.

>> Jump to adult.

#halloweenboardbook for all ages

#halloweenPB and #fallPB for all ages

#halloweengraphicreader and #halloweengraphicnovel for all ages

#halloweenearlyreader and #halloweenchapterbook for all ages

#halloweenMiddleGrade for all ages

#halloweenYA for all ages

#halloweenadultreads and #halloweenclassics

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