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Keeping Kids Active at Home

Ready? Set? Go!

It's tough being home so much. I love my kids and I'm amble to work from my desk, but since the kids have been home, my desk has hopskotched from kitchen counter to kitchen table to floor to lap to you name it as I tagalong and track them. We're fairly active folks, but our ability to go the places we want to go has been curtailed, and hey, we all get bored walking/scootering/biking the same spots over and over. Also, sometimes you don't have time to make an "outing." The kids also catch on fast to activities like yoga and jumping up and down and even dance parties inside or outside. We have to keep mixing it up. Recently, we came up with some fast, easy and fun races they can do in the living room or outside. I thought I'd share them in case other folks needed some fresh ideas. Feel free to swipe, amend, and add onto this list ...

We got the pillow scoot idea from a You Tube video. I'll try to dig that one up. We then added a pillow-case hop (legs in!), a standard crab crawl, a one-legged hop, a rolling stone (for which the kids came up with several ways to roll and I realized how uncoordinated I've become), a penguin waddle in the pillowcase, a walk the dog in which you try walking while in downward-facing-dog (from yoga post, tails up!), and a scoot in which you have your legs in something close to butterfly position (also from yoga). You can do most of these forward, backwards or side to side!

We mark lines with painters tape. :) Adaptable to any available time!

Aha! P.E. at Home is the source of the pillow scoot race we first found. They have other great ideas, too!

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