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Bedtime Report #2

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I'm a wee bit behind on bedtime reports. It's been hectic few weeks with work stuff, kid stuff, one kid's graduation stuff, fractured ankle stuff, and so on. I've made time to read but not to write about what we've been reading.

So, to start, we finished two more Zoey and Sassafras books. I wrote about these in Bedtime Report #1 but suffice to say that the kids and I have enjoyed the next two books in the series just as much as the first. I REALLY liked the science angle in books five and six, and we're excited to be starting the next book tonight. Here are the next three Zoey and Sassafras books:

Over the past week or two, I also finished two middle grade novels that I heartily recommend, the first to anyone who loves modern epics blended with mythology (along the lines of anything Rick Riordan) and the second for those who enjoy a darker edge served chilled with a side of shivers (like Katherine Arden's Small Spaces and Deadly Voices, and Lindsay Currie's books, all of which I also recommend):

That brings us to picture books.

I know I'm missing something, but maybe I'll remember next time ... Happy reading!

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