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Two More Days 'Til Hide and Shh!

We're so close! In just two more days, Dinah and Chloe from Hide and Shh! A Not-So-Sneaky Sister Story About Inclusion will be officially released!

Dinah is ready to play! Are you?

Hide and Shh! comes out April 1. That means, if you pre-ordered the book, it will be on its way! It also means that that book will be on the shelves in some bookstores and ready for purchase and sending from most online book retailers.


We had hoped to hold an official book release event nearby at the fabulous children's store samozrejme in Troy, Ohio, on April 1. However, because of a distribution issue, we won't be able to sell and sign books at the store that day. I will still be visiting the store so I can read my copy of the book and visit with folks, and we will be rescheduling a more official event there soon. If you want to come out and visit Saturday, I'd still love to see and talk to you.

Also, you can still sign up for the LIVE virtual reading of Hide and Shh! this coming Tuesday, April 4!

I have a few other author visits, story times, and book signings coming up in southwest and central Ohio, too. I'd love to see you at one of these events. We will have an ASL interpreter at the Joseph-Beth and Barnes & Noble events!

Reading Guide and More

You can download the reading guide and coloring sheets and check the activities page for more materials as they're developed!

Down syndrome (Ds)

You might already know that Dinah, our main character, has Down syndrome (Ds). Our book includes some information about Ds in the backmatter (the final pages of the book), and you can learn more about Ds and find more picture books featuring characters with Ds or about Ds on my recent blog post for World Down Syndrome Day. You can learn more about neurodiversity, inclusion, and other children's books representing neurodiversity on another recent blog post!

American Sign Language (ASL)

Dinah and Chloe use some American Sign Language (ASL) in the pages of their story. If you want to learn more about ASL, please check out the ASL resources and videos here. There's so much out there to help you start learning! Finally, below are two videos that I didn't put on that page, but if you, like Dinah, love animals, you might enjoy learning and practicing these signs!

Dinah and Chloe (and I) can't wait to see you!

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