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Resource: Cultural Appropriation

I need to do more posts like this but I often forget to share things here. Mainstream social media like Twitter and FB tend to dominate. But just in case anyone stops by, this is an important read, especially for writers and teachers of literature. Take a few minutes to read it. Take a few longer to think about it.

Before you decide to write a certain story or poem or other text from a certain point of view, ask yourself whether you are the best person to write that story and that perspective. You might still be able to tell the story, from a different perspective. You might also consider collaborating or sharing the idea.

Also, no matter what you're writing, you should always check out what's already out there. To that end, here are some great #ownvoice picture books, which link to Sarah Balcazar on Reading Partners:

And some more, which link to Melissa Taylor's Imagination Soup:

Just search "ownvoices" and you're guaranteed to find some fabulous reads!

(from August 28, 2018)

Also, here is another recent article on the impact of cultural appropriation in publishing: "A Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Cultural Appropriation," by Nadra Kareem Nittle.

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