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Cover Reveal! Shh! Wait. Yay!

Updated: Apr 28

Do you know anyone who has a hard time staying still and quiet when playing sneaky games like hide-and-seek? I do! I'm so excited to share the cover for our forthcoming picture book HIDE AND SHH!, illustrated by Nathalia Takeyama and published by Cardinal Rule Press.

Join Dinah, a little sister who loves wiggly, giggly fun, and Chloe, a big sister who has some sneakier ideas, as they learn there's more than one way to play. HIDE AND SHH! sneaks onto shelves near you in April 2023, but it's available for pre-order from indie and other retailers.

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And psst! Notice those cards on the cover? Dinah has Down syndrome (DS), a congenital condition (a fancy term meaning "a condition one has from birth") that can cause developmental differences in individuals who have it. (Jump below to watch a video about DS.) Some people who have DS can have a harder time using spoken language or can take longer learning to speak. Dinah uses American Sign Language (ASL) to supplement speech, and some fun ASL cards pop up throughout the story. The book also includes backmatter explaining more about DS as well as some resources for ASL, and I'll be sharing more information about both in the near future. (You can find ASL resources and instructional videos on this page.) However, Dinah's story is not about having DS. Dinah, like most children, just wants to connect with those around her. She is inspired by a few amazing women with DS with whom I worked in the past as well as vivacious children with DS among our friends, schools, and community. I can't wait for you to meet Dinah and her spy-loving big sister, Chloe.

Stay tuned ...

#RepresentationMatters #InclusionMatters

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