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Author Visits

Dear Educators, Librarians and Other Gatekeepers ...

I would love the opportunity to share The Wall and the Wild or Hide and Shh! with you and your young readers as well as to talk about the writing and publishing process.


The Wall and the Wild touches on themes of biodiversity as well as cultural diversity and inclusion. Ana also has a little to share about problem-solving, striving for perfection, learning from mistakes, re-assessing our expectations and assumptions, and more!

Hide and Shh! explores themes of pretend play, sibling and other multi-child relationships, flexibility, compromise, taking turns, self-regulation, and adaptation. It also features a main character with Down syndrome, who uses ASL to supplement spoken language, highlighting issues of diversity, inclusion, and representation.


Some Visit Options

  • 20 to 30 minutes readings plus Q&A for PreK - Grade 5: up to 5-min intro, about 15-min read-aloud, balance of time Q&A and/or related activity

  • 45 to 60 minutes for Grade 1 - Grade 5: about 5-min intro with some upfront things to think about, about 15-min read-aloud, about 10-min discussion of story and themes, such as biological and cultural diversity, plus Q&A and/or related activity to do after

  • 45 to 60 minutes for Grade 6 - 12: Let's talk about options. We can focus on the story and its themes, as picture books provide a great way to engage middle grade and older readers in ELA, physical sciences, and social sciences as well as current issues and events. We can also focus on the craft of writing and revision, the author's journey, and the publishing process.

Please note that I can visit virtually via Skype and Zoom, and I am willing to look at other platforms as needed. I advise a test run prior to any scheduled events!

Please also be aware that I am the author of The Wall and the Wild and Hide and Shh! as well as other texts. I am NOT the illustrator. I can talk about the role of illustration from the author's perspective and demonstrate some basic picture book thumbnail and dummy development.


Please note that all fees are negotiable pending your institution or group's specific needs and resources. This is generally what I would like to charge given the offset in work time for planning and presenting.


  • Local 20-minute reading and Q&A – free with book purchase

  • Half Day School (up to 5 readings within a morning or afternoon) – $100

  • Full Day School (more than 4 presentation spread across the day) – $200


  • Local 20-minute reading and Q&A – free with book purchase

  • Full Day (Up to 4 presentations) – $400

  • Single Presentation – $125


Travel expenses/mileage will be added to the cost for out-of-state visits or in-state
visits that are more than 60 miles away.

Want to Talk More or Schedule a Virtual Visit?

Fantabulous! (One day that word will be in dictionaries, I swear it.) Please complete the Contact form, and note in your message the length, age group, and general themes/topics in which you are interested as well as your location and time zone.


Thank you for your interest in Ana and the Wild and Dinah, Chloe, and their friends!

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