Author Visits

Dear Educators, Librarians and Other Gatekeepers ...

I can't wait to start scheduling visits and meeting with readers of all ages to talk about Ana, her garden, her wall, the Wild, and more! At present, we still have COVID-19 to consider. So, as much as I would like to do so, I am not scheduling public in-person gatherings until young people have the opportunity to get vaccinated. However, I would love to schedule virtual visits and discuss the possibility of small gatherings, starting the third week of September 2021 (as The Wall and the Wild releases on Sept. 7 in the United States and on Sept. 14 in the United Kingdom). 


Some Visit Options

  • 20 minutes for PreK - K: about 5 min introduction, 15 minute story read-aloud and something fun to think about or do after

  • 30 minutes for PreK - Grade 5: about 5 min introduction, 15 minute story read-aloud, 10 minute Q&A and/or related activity to do after

  • 45 minutes for Grade 1 - Grade 5: about 10 min introduction with some upfront things to thing about, 15 minute story read-aloud, 10 min discussion of the story and related themes, such as biological and cultural diversity or the nature/purpose/role of walls in our world (non-political), 10 min Q&A and/or related activity to do after

  • 45 minutes for Grade 6 - 12: Let's talk. We can focus on the story and its themes, as picture books provide a great way to engage middle grade and older readers in ELA, physical sciences and social sciences themes as well as current issues and events, or we can focus on the craft of writing and revision, the author's journey, or similar topics.

Please note that I can visit virtually via Skype and Zoom, and I am willing to look at other platforms as needed, but the school, library or other recipient location is responsible for ensuring connectivity. I advise a test run prior to any scheduled events!

Please also be aware that I am the author of The Wall and the Wild as well as other texts. I am NOT the illustrator. That accolade goes to the remarkable Katie Rewse. I can talk about the role of illustration, from the author's perspective, and demonstrate some basic picture book thumbnail and dummy development, but my art largely amounts to doodling. Katie is developing a video about drawing Ana, which I will link to once it's available.

Want to Talk More or Schedule a Virtual Visit?

Fantabulous! (One day that word will be in dictionaries, I swear it.) Please complete the Contact form, and note in your message the length, age group, and general themes/topics in which you are interested as well as your location and time zone.


Thank you for taking an interest in Ana and the Wild!

Drawing of Fox