Halloweensie Times Two

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

So thrilled that I managed to wriggle out two super-short stories for Susanna Leonard Hill's 10th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest. I think I love searching for the vintage pictures as much as the writing! Well, almost.

Skelephone Swing

Deep in a tomb beneath a stone tower,

Saxabones plays hour after hour.

Bare fingers vibe along the brass keys,

smooooth skeleton bepopping with ease.

Spiders tip-tap and bats shake a wing.

Ghosties a-groove to skelephone swing.

But All Hallows’ Eve …

Hip-hoppin’ notes resound from above,

“Singing the boos? It’s time to improv!”

Clickety-clack, he creeps up the stairs:

Masquerade ghouls, they jive unawares.

“Sweet! Whatta beat!” He’s ready to riff.

Up goes his horn. He blows out a lick.

And just like that …

Masked jitterhaunts all scat and careen,

all through a wickedly cool Jazzoween!

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