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Earth Day Videos and Read-Alouds

A few resources for Earth Day (originally posted April 1, 2020) ... Looking for some ways to celebrate Earth Day (which you can do any day)? We had planned to go out planting trees with other members of the community, but alas, we are home. We still plan to get out and walk around, breathe fresh air, work in the garden, and hug some trees, but for your inside time, we thought we’d share some other fun resources.

First, you can join the Field Trip Earth Live Watch Party (or watch later) from the American Museum of Natural History!

Here are a few links to other blogs and websites that list crafty and STEM-related activities you might be able to do at home:

Fun art activity:

A short video about NASA’s perspective on Earth:

Earth from space, with lovely musical accompaniment:

Read-aloud of The Earth Book, by Todd Parr:

Read-aloud of It’s Earth Day! for Kids, by Mercer Mayer:

One of our favorite Earth books, Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years, read aloud by the author, Stacy McAnulty:

And when all else fails, just go outside. Walk, explore, collect rocks, build something out of sticks, dig, get dirty …

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